Speargun - The Godfather Railgun

The Godfather                                         

Item2: Godfather-black

Item2: Godfather-bluebubble

Item2: Godfather-burntblue

>   Euro fibreglass reinforced nylon handle with rubber grip
>   Slimline 28mm diameter barrel with integrated spear guide
>   7mm double notched blackened spring steel spear shaft
>   5/8 diameter power bands with competition bridles (double dyneema)
>   Dyneema shooting line
>   Double rubber muzzle fitted standard
>   Automatic line release at bottom of handle plus extra tabs on side of handle
>   Top mounted safety for easy activating and deactivating with one hand
>   Available in the following lengths 80cm 90cm 100cm 110cm 120cm 130cm 140cm
>   Comes with extra extended chest or hip loader pad
>   Line float clip attached to base of handle
>   Available in Black, Burnt Blue Camo or Blue Bubbles

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