Speargun - Woodie Comp Railgun

WOODIE Comp Railgun                                                                
The WOODIE Comp Rail Speargun is one of our top Competition Guns.
With it's Tasmanian oak hardwood timber stock it's tough and silent. It's stained then deep sealed with 2 coats of marine grade polyurethane. Theres a WOODIE Comp for all speargun needs and conditions. The WOODIE series delivers precision, accuracy and reliability.
Undersee timber spearguns are one of the best timber guns in the market today.
> 7mm spring stainess steel shaft with 80mm long flopper and tricut point
> Hard wood timber stock
> Spear rail hand crafted into timber stock
> Comes standard with chest loader pad fitted but with a optional hip loader pad supplied for individual preference
> 400lb monofiliment shooting line with pigtail swivel
> Line float clip at base of handle
> Twin dyneema cord bridle
> 16mm booster rubber loop ( can be fitted with two or a 19mm Booster Loop)

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WOODIE Comp 115 Railgun
Features - 1.15m Barrel, 1500mm x 7mm spring stainless shaft, booster rubber 28"x 5/8"
Item: 1132104
Price:  $364.99
WOODIE 100 Comp Railgun
Features - 1m barrel length, 1400mm x 7mm spring stainless steel shaft booster loop 24" x 5/8",
Item: 1132103
Price:  $349.99
WOODIE 70 Comp Railgun
Features - .7m Barrel, 1100mm x 7mm spring stainless steel shaft, booster loop 18" x 5/8" 
Item: 1132102
Price:  $329.99
WOODIE 40 Comp Railgun
Features - .4m barrel, 750mm x 7mm spring stainless steel shaft, booster loop 14" x 5/8"
Item: 1132101
Price:  $299.99



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