Speargun - Zap

Zap Spearguns                                                                             
The Undersee Zap Speargun with its black body and fluro moray front and butt pad make this gun easily seen if left floating in water. It's comes with a single flopper harpoon and a 5/16 diameter stainless spear shaft for maximum speed, penetration and toughness. As in all our guns the Zap is fitted with our world renown trigger mechanism for dependable high performance.
Up Grades
For easier loading and extra power it can be fitted with 2 x 1/2" booster loops or 1 x 3/4" loop
It can be fitted with a range of other interchangeable screw on tips like paralyzers
tricut harpoon and drop off (harpoon or tricut style)

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Item2: ZapSpeargun

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