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Inflatable Torpedo Float 18L

Hi-Vis Fluro Red

Size 200mm wide x 200mm high x 900mm long when inflated. Comes with flag and weight pouch (weight not included)

Made from tough nylon with stainless steel D-Ring for float rope attachment and 2 safety handles

(same float but in other brands sells for up to $119)


Item2: Float 18L Inflatable
Price: $49.95

Spearfishing Float with Flag
Fitted with a 250mm x 400mm Flag with a Foam Ball float and 10m of rope
Item2: Float - Foam - Flag
Price: $59.95

Spearfishing Float with Flag
Fitted with blue and white flag 250mm x 400mm with
tough orange plastic float and 10m of rope
Item2: Orange - Float
Price: $59.95

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