Spear Shafts, Spears and Tips

 7mm Spring Steel Spear Shafts - Euro Handle

These suit euro handles and used on our Hitman, Godfather & Don as well as many other speargun brands

This is a tough hardened spring steel spear shaft that has been blackened coated to stop it from rusting



> Fitted with 80mm long flopper

> Tricut point for ultimate penetration

> Double bridle grooves

> 7mm diameter for extra speed

> Black coated spring steel

Spring Steel Spear Shaft
Suits -The Hitman, Godfather & Don as well As other brand spearguns
Our shafts are hardened spring steel then they are  black coated with a protective coating
Item2: EuroSpringSteel
Price: $69.00

7mm Spring Steel Spear Shafts - Manta Grip

These suit our 7mm manta grip handles and used on our the Terminator and Woodie Comp spearguns

This is a tough spring steel spear shaft



> Fitted with 80mm long flopper

> Tricut point for ultimate penetration

> Double bridle grooves

> 7mm diameter for extra speed

> Spring Stainless Steel

7mm Spring Stainless Steel Spear Shaft
for Terminator and Woodie Comp Spearguns
7mm with 80mm long Flopper and Tricut Point

Item2: 7mm Spear Manta
Price: $69.95

5/16" / 8mm Stainless Steel Spear Shafts - Manta Grip
These are for our Spiders, Zaps, Phantoms, Phantom Rails, Bazookas, Clubman and Woodie MKII. Made from tough Marine grade Stainless Steel. All stainless steel spear shaft come with double notches and a 5/16 thread. These shafts can be fitted with a number of different tips shown below

Stainless Steel 5/16" Threaded Spear Shafts
Stainless Steel Spear Shaft have 5/16" UNF Thread
Suits Spiders, Zaps, Phantoms Phantom Rails, Clubmans, Bazookas, Woodies
Click on arrow to select spear size
Item2: Manta Spears




  The Tips / Heads below have a 5/16" thread


Double Flopper Harpoon

with 5/16" thread

Was 19.95

Now $12.95

Item: doubleflopperharpoon
Price:  $12.95
Harpoon - single flopper
Fitted standard on all Zaps, Phantoms and WOODIES, it has a 5/16" unf thread
Item: 11612021
Price:  $16.95
Javelin Spear Tip
5/16" thread
Item: 1161201
Price:  $29.95

Tricut (Mako) Harpoon

Hardened and chrome plated with a 5/16 Thread

Suits all of our Zaps, Phantoms, Phantom Railguns, Woodie MKII & Terminators

Item: 1161204
Price:  $39.95

Pranger / Cluster with 5/16" Thread

with 5 barbs


Item: Prangerx5barb
Price:  $16.95

Speed Pranger / Cluster x 5/16"Thread

with 3 Barbs

Item: Pranger x 3 Barb
Price:  $14.95

Line Slider

Suitable for 8mm / 5/16" spear shaft

We also have a 6mm / 1/4" line sliders avalible

Item: Lineslder
Price:  $9.45

Flopper Kits



Flopper Kit (80mm long)
This flopper kit comes with with rivet for 7mm or8mm (5/16") spear shafts
This flopper has been talked about by people as the best on the market
Item: 1161207
Price:  $7.50

Flopper Kit (45mm long)

This can be used as replacement floppers on a Javelin tip or can go straight onto a spear shaft

Item: small flopper kit
Price:  $9.95

Double Flopper Kit (65mm long)

Can be used to replace floppers on harpoons or they can go straight onto a spear (7mm or 8mm diameter).

Item: doublefloperkit
Price:  $10.95
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