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Speargun - Woodie Comp Railgun

FULLY RIGGED AND READY TO SHOOT, JUST DIVE IN AND TAKEAWAY                                                          

The WOODIE Comp Rail Speargun is one of our top Competition Guns. With it's Tasmanian Oak Hardwood Timber Stock it's tough and silent. It's stained then deep sealed with 2 coats of marine grade polyurethane. There's a WOODIE Comp covers all your speargun needs and conditions, from rock hopping, reef or open water hunting.. The WOODIE series delivers precision, accuracy and reliability.
Undersee timber spearguns are one of the best timber guns for over 70 years. 
Just like those $1000 guns but for much less.


> Undersee's World Renown Manta Grip

> 7mm Spring Stainless Steel Spear with Tri-cut Tip

> 80mm long Flopper

> Closed low profile double rubber muzzle Orca front

> Sear activated Line Release

> USA Latex 5/8" Power Band

> Hip Loader

> Dyneema Shooting Line with pigtail swivel

Model and Sizes

Woodie 40 - 400mm long stock, 7mm x 900mm spring stainless steel spear, 14" power band 

Woodie 70 - 700mm long stock, 7mm x 1100mm spring stainless steel spear, 18" power band

Woodie 100 - 1000mm long stock, 7mm x 1400mm spring stainless steel spear, 24" power band

Woodie 115 - 1150mm long stock, 7mm x 1600mm spring stainless steel spear, 28" power band



you can comfortably say

" Our products have been tried and tested"

as we have been manufacturing spearfishing gear since 1947

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