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Accessories & Spare Parts

Power Band Latex Rubbers with Dyneema Cord Bridles
$50.95 incl. GST
Suitable for all brands and our BlueTuna, Hitman, Godfather, Don, Terminator, Woodie Comp,
Javelin Harpoon x 5/16 Thread
$34.95 incl. GST
Tri Cut Harpoon x 5/16 Thread
$39.95 incl. GST
Float Line with Speed Spike x 10m Long
$24.95 incl. GST
Speargun Bungee - Standard
$9.95 incl. GST
This standard Bungee helps maintain optimal tension in your spear line.
Undersee Manta Grip Handle
$139.95 – $149.95 incl. GST
The Undersee Manta Grip made to be reliable and made to last, that's why we still make it. Available in 8mm (5/16") and 7mm
Screw Bridles Rubbers / Power Bands
$49.95 incl. GST
Suitable for all brands. Designed to be unscrewed and feed through a hole on a speargun muzzles and then screwed back up to make life easy
Power Band Latex rubbers with Wire Bridle
$47.95 incl. GST
Suitable for all brands and our Zap, Phantom, Phantom Pro, Woodie and Spider Spearguns. Also can be used on Seahornet Spearguns.
$34.95 incl. GST
Cotton T-Shirts in sizes from small to 6xl
Butt Pad / Hip or Chest Loading Pad
$17.95 incl. GST
Butt Pad (25.4mm hole / 1" ) in Yellow or Black suitable to use for hip or chest loading your speargun
Bridle Insert Tool
$26.99 incl. GST
This Bridle Insertion Tool is a simple tool to assist in inserting the bridle when rigging your powerband setup.
Mono Shooting Line 1.8mm diameter x 10 metres with crimps
$19.95 incl. GST
Mono shooting line kit with 10 metres x 1.8mm with 6 Crimps
T-Shirts (Skull)
$34.95 incl. GST
Cottom T-Shirts, small to 4XL
Euro Closed Muzzle 25.4mm
$39.95 incl. GST
Closed Double Rubber Muzzle has a 25.4mm (1") Spigot. It suits the Godfather, Don, Hitman, Blue Tuna, Terminator and Phantom Pro Spearguns
Euro Open Muzzle 25.4mm
$59.95 incl. GST
Moray Front - Yellow 25.4mm
$17.95 incl. GST
Orca Front -Black 25.4mm
$29.95 incl. GST
7mm Pigtail Bungee
$18.95 incl. GST
This 7mm Pigtail Bungee helps maintain optimal tension in your spear line.
7mm Snapclip Bungee
$18.95 incl. GST
This 7mm Snap-Clip Bungee helps maintain optimal tension in your spear line.
65mm long double flopper kit - medium
$15.95 incl. GST